What is “Child-friendly HOTEL”?

These hotels offer a comfortable stay for families visiting Japan with babies and children.
The guest rooms offer safe, suitable environment for babies and children, and special services are available to welcome families from abroad. Furthermore, travelers have an opportunity to be exposed to Japanese parenting culture.
These hotels have satisfied a certain level of our company's standards upon an on-site evaluation.
We hope you have a wonderful time in Japan !

News & Notice

Criteria for “Child-friendly HOTEL for travelers” certification

Guest room environment

Examples such as:

  • Ability to make fine adjustments to the room temperature. Humidifier/air purifier available for rental or fixed in the guest room
  • Non-smoking room

Safety and security

Examples such as:

  • Safe windows and balcony
  • Measures to prevent from jamming fingers and hands in doors

Rental children's amenities for comfortable stay

Examples such as:

  • Children's tableware
  • Children's bed guards to prevent falling from beds
  • Sealed disposal bin for nappies/diapers

Fun amenities for children

Examples such as:

  • Able to set up a play area
  • Picture books, toys and amenities for children


Examples such as:

  • Baby items available for purchase in hotel
  • Multilingual support

Neighborhood environment

Examples such as:

  • Hospital with multilingual support
  • Sightseeing spots and restaurants to visit with babies and children

Other items unique to the hotel

Examples such as:

  • Able to experience Japanese culture in the hotel
  • Events held for travelers from abroad